How I Work

Therapy isn't a one-size-fits-all approach.  Just as we all resonate with certain people and not others, so too will we find that some forms of therapy are a better fit for us than others.  At the same time, I truly believe that ultimately the methods used are not as important as the relationship that develops between a client and their counselor.  This is where a lot of the benefits of therapy occur.

My graduate work at Prescott College allowed me to focus on techniques and theories which take a integrative mind-body approach, as well as develop a foundation in interpersonal neurobiology. My studies with M.E.T.A.'s two-year comprehensive training, taught me how to integrate the Hakomi Method with attachment work and the Re-Creation of the Self Model of Human Systems.  This journey of learning and experience has allowed me to work with clients in a special way by utilizing mindfulness and cultivating an awareness of one's physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies.  Finally, I also spent some of my post-graduate years working in crisis intervention, which has given me the skills to assess and stabilize those in crisis in order to determine what further services they are in need of. 

Paths of Therapy

Modalities Used

I practice therapy that is inspired by the following interdependent modalities: